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Take Care of You!

Is it time to take some time for yourself?

Is your daily stress preventing you from healing throughly from a previous injury or surgery?

Do you ever feel as if a week of good relaxation combined with high quality bodywork and lots of fresh air would be "just what the doctor ordered"?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then it is time to schedule yourself for a therapeutic retreat.

Call me to discuss your personal needs. We will design a healing retreat for you that includes lots of fresh air and therapeutic hands-on bodywork in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Along with miles of fresh Great Lakes water and lots of friendly faces, there are many activities to enjoy here on Drummond Island, the Gem of the Huron - birding, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, rock and fossil hunting, and photography. For the really adventurous, or those with you, there are lots of off-road-vehicle trails to explore. More information about Drummond Island can be found at .

My clients come to me and get results when they have had a difficult time finding relief and healing elsewhere.

You may think you cannot afford it, but can you afford not to take care of yourself? If you don't, who will?

You'll go home saying "That was worth every single penny, I can't wait to go back!"

What can I help you with?

More information about my services are available at

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