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Give Your Hands a Voice
(previously "Talk Your Way Through Your Exam" class)

If you're like a lot of your colleagues, articulating what your hands feel can be a challenge.

Speaking about what you feel happening under your hands is one of the biggest struggles that most therapists have to feeling comfortable when speaking with other healthcare professionals, such as physicians.

Join us for a day learning how to get comfortable talking about what you know is happening under your hands.

For those wanting to be certified in a modality, such as CranioSacral Therapy or Zero Balancing, one of the biggest struggles that most therapists have in passing their exam is articulating what they feel happening under their hands. Often it inhibits them from being comfortable enough to take their exam or it prevents them from passing it.

Know that you are not alone. This something that I have mentored many therapists about.

We'll be spending the day getting you comfortable talking about what you know is happening under your hands.

We'll help you put language to what you feel. So you can then confidently talk with colleagues and clients and talk your way through your exam.

Isn't it time that you learned how to let your hands speak?

Sign up now to:

* Identify your processing and communication styles and understand how that helps or hinders your communication

* Gain more confidence when talking about what your hands feel

* Learn how to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from feeling comfortable speaking about your work to your clients and colleagues.

And for those curious or wanting to take the CST exams we will spend some time to:

• Get a better understanding of the CST Techniques exam

* Discussing your inhibitions and difficulties about the exam


By the end of the class you'll have succinct ways to verbally articulate what your hands are feeling along with a list of suggestions to help you prepare for the exam and key terms to understand.



This class is intended specifically for therapists or students who want to improve their skills of articulating what their hands feel and do.

It is especially helpful for those who have the intention of taking their CST or Zero Balancling or other bodywork-related exam. (Even seven years down the road. But hopefully we'll inspire you to do it within the next year.)

Helpful preparatory reading is Chapter 4 "Talking Colors" and Chapter 5 "Frustrated Aardvark" from the book The Insightful Body: Healing with SomaCentric Dialoguing, as we'll be using some of these concepts to help you determine how to translate what your hands feel into words.

Books can be ordered from your favorite local bookstore or directly through me - see the Registration page.



Saturday, January 12, 2013

8:30 AM - 5 PM

Held at Susan Mathason's home office in Columbia, MD

6 Hours CE through NCBTMB

Limited to 12 therapists

Taught by: Julie McKay Covert, CST-D, NCTMB, BFRP, Cert. CST TA and Techniques Examiner

Cost: $125 payable by check or credit card/ PayPal

For more information or to register use the link below:

Susan Mathason 443-535-4858

Julie McKay Covert 443-604-1981 or 906-493-5854

Register Now!



Can't make it? Too far away? Want me to come to you? Contact me about bringing this valuable class to your area.

Julie McKay Covert, CST-D, NCTMB, BFRP

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