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Build Upon What You Know...

...and get the answers to what you don't know.

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you are doing a technique properly?

How many times have you skipped a technique because you felt it wasn't "necessary"?

Have you thought about repeating a class because you wanted to know more? Or thought you lacked information?

Ever want a "study partner" but wanted to work with someone who knows what they are doing?

Don't get overwhelmed trying to fill in all the gaps all by yourself!

Sign up for your own "Home Study Program"!

Specifically designed for you to help you improve what you know and fill in the blanks about what you missed in class or forgot. (It happens to all of us, but now there is a way to help you learn without going back to class.)

This is great for any therapist, and it is essential if you are doing your certification exams in CST.

An initial phone meeting is set up to discuss your strengths and weakness, apprehensions, worries, concerns and fears.

We plan a 10 - 12 week program for you focusing around the 10-Step protocol or Avenue of Expression protocol. Or tell me what you want to learn more about and we'll custom tailor a program to meet your needs.

Weekly or bi-weekly phone meetings are scheduled to discuss and answer questions, comments or concerns that come up.

With each session you will receive home work to focus on that week. This keeps you focused and organized without being overwhelmed, confused and pulled in too many directions.

(Don't worry - the homework is simple. It is doing hands-on work with each client. And if there was a term or anatomical structure you did not understand, I have you take a few minutes to look it up.)

I also provide you with notes from your session that cover the week's topic, key points to remember and a reminder of your homework.


By the time you're done you'll have a "Key List" for each technique that puts all the information in one place and gives you an easy to reference resource.

For each technique explored, you will easily and clearly know:

  • the core intent
  • the anatomy and related structures and tissues involved
  • know landmarks for your hand placement (this means no more fumbling to find the "right" spot)
  • indications and precautions, and why!
  • steps for the technique itself


You will have a thorough and clear understanding and deeper knowledge of what you are doing.

You will be able to speak with confidence to anyone about your work.

You won't be guessing at what you know, because you will know it!

Isn't that what you want?


STOP working with a cookbook mentality, start creating healing like a true master!

What can I help you with?

Call or email me today to fill in the gaps.


I also offer those pursuing certification in CranioSacral therapy additional services, please see CST Certification.

For therapists wanting to improve their general bodywork skills or build their practice I offer coaching and mentoring. Please see related information, Improve Your Practice.

Julie McKay Covert, CST-D, NCTMB, BFRP

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