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Think You're Ready?...

...but not quite sure?

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.

You've been practicing in your treatment room and at home.

You've been putting your hands on anyone who will lay still for you.

Are you ready yet?

Do you get "test anxiety" or nervous jitters about being examined?

People are tentative to do what they are afraid of. People are afraid of what they do not know or understand.

I can help.

When you get closer to being ready to take your exam, we do a "trial run" of your practical exam.

A "mock" exam or "trial run" will help you take the edge off and relax. It helps you to understand what is expected of you and how it "happens."

During this time you do the 10-step protocol from start to finish or as much as you can get done.

To help you get in the test-taking mode we do not pause for discussions and corrections, unlike a mentoring or one-on-one session.

You will be asked questions similar to what you would get in your practical exam. You will explain what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what you are feeling. You will need to know the indications for each step or technique and how you know you are done that particular technique.

We use this time to assess your knowledge and ability to express what is happening under your hands as you treat your "client."

Doing a "mock" exam gives us the opportunity to identify any areas you need to brush up on.

I will provide you with gentle and constructive encouragement about areas that need improving, along with honest feedback about your competency and ability to pass an exam.

Practice makes perfect and practicing your exam makes it easier to do when it's the "real" thing.

So call me and I'll help you get to Carnegie Hall, without the scary and expensive cab ride.

Julie McKay Covert, CST-D, NCTMB, BFRP

906-493-5854 (O) 443-604-1981 (C)

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