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Just What You Want - Hands-on Attention

Do you learn better by being shown what to do and then doing it?

Is a class too big or impersonal for you to get the one-on-one attention you desire?

Does your book not tell you if your hands are in the correct place or not?

There is nothing better than one-on-one, individualized attention to help you thoroughly learn CranioSacral Therapy.

Developing your hand skills does not always come easy by reading a book or sitting in a large class. Sometimes you need personalized assistance to fully "get it" in your hands.

That's where I come into the picture - to help you "get it"!

When you come to my office, with someone to practice on, we will spend a minimum of 2 hours together answering any and all of your questions related to CranioSacral Therapy.

For each topic (i.e./sphenoid, mouth work, whole body diagnosis, cranial base release) we will thoroughly go over the related anatomy, technique theory, and hands-on practice.

Some therapists choose to "share" this learning time, and thus share expenses, with another therapist. Come together, learn from each other's questions and work on each other. It's a great way to learn more at a reasonable cost.

What can I help you with?

Call or email me today to set up your One-on-One time.

If you are traveling to my office, you might want to do three hours one day, and a couple hours the second day, and maybe a session for yourself.

One-on-One tutoring is available for those wanting to improve their understanding and skills in Bach Flower Essences, bodywork, CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release and SomaCentric Dialoguing.

I also offer those pursuing certification in CranioSacral therapy additional services, please see CST Certification.

For therapists wanting to improve their general bodywork skills or build their practice I offer coaching and mentoring. Please see related information, Improve Your Practice.

Julie McKay Covert, CST-D, NCTMB, BFRP

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One-on-One Tutoring