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Heal Completely

Is something preventing you from healing from a past injury or trauma?

Are you needing some help to explore and release some somatic (body-centered) memories or emotions that your body is holding onto?

Give your body the opportunity to dialogue with you, using SomaCentric Dialoguing, to help you understand what message your body wants you to be aware of. Once your body has been "heard" the stored memory or emotion can be released, allowing your healing process to move forward.

With phone sessions we can help you:

  • Release unwanted or unneeded memories or emotions
  • Allow your body to move forward in your healing process
  • Heal from unresolved health issues
  • Improve the progress of other therapies, such as professional counseling or physical therapy

Melt Away Unwanted Personality Traits

Ever wonder if there was a "magic" pill that could change your personality or help you get rid of an unwanted characteristic?

If there is a negative characteristic or personality trait that is creating undesirable results there is hope.

Are you interested in learning about how the Bach Flower Essences can help you enjoy life more fully?

The Bach Flower Essences are an energetic or vibrational remedy that can help melt or dissolve unwanted personality traits and characteristic so that you can better deal with the curve balls life likes to throw.

During a phone session we can:

  • Identify your struggles
  • Clarify your goals
  • Determine your appropriate remedy or combination of flower essences

Questions? Not Sure Who to Ask?

Feel like you need someone for a "second opinion" or to act as a sounding board?

Ever go to the doctor about a problem and later realize that there were questions you should have asked?

Not sure what to ask your doctor about a problem you are having?

Sometimes you just need an unbiased and knowledgeable person to talk out your situation with and help you sort the emotion from the facts. I offer my clients the opportunity to utilize me as a resource, a health care practitioner who can help you understand complex medical terms and procedures.

Some of the ways I can help you are:

  • Sort emotions from facts to help you make sounder decisions.
  • Determine what questions to ask your doctor.
  • Help you clarify what your concerns are, either about yourself or a loved one.
  • Understand complex medical terms and procedures.

All this can easily be done over the phone and via email.

I can also help you set up a therapeutic retreat to suit your needs.

What can I help you with?

If you would prefer an appointment at my office, I see clients by appointment at my office Island Wellness Center in Drummond Island, MI. More information about my services are available at

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