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What Your Colleagues Are Saying

Thank you for the "pearls" you offered to us at study group, they are so valuable.

- Laura H

I have spent my day working on trusting my hands and working from my hara. Thank you for the beautiful reminder of the most important part of our work.

- Rebecca P

Thank you, Julie.  I’m certain that what I’ve learned was not only to the credit of craniosacral therapy and the work of the Upledger Institute and Dr. John.  But, YOU and how you teach this course with such passion and wisdom.  You are truly a wonderfully, talented teacher.  I feel grateful that our paths crossed.  I will teach others what you have taught me about 5 grams of pressure and how it applies to so many things in life!

- Marci F

You asked if I felt I was prepared enough for SERI. As I reflect on the workshop, here is what comes to me. A mentor is essential for learning to practice CST I & II and for preparation for SER, etc.

It was all those moments with you--tutorials, multiple-hand sessions, study group--that validated what I was and was not feeling, gave language to these sensations, helped me understand what they may mean, how to listen more deeply, and how to be guided as to what is needed. Where else would I go to have my many questions answered so that I could step forward with ease and confidence, knowing that I was not causing harm?

Also, throughout the SERs we've had, you have always been a brilliant, loving, creative, playful example of how to guide the session without being invasive and to help me uncover and transform what I was ready to heal. What greater preparation for SER could there be?

If it weren't for you, I would not have taken on the 75 10-step protocols or the CST II mouth work and learned so much through practice.

I cannot fully express how passionately I feel about the need for a mentor. Bless you giving with such a generous heart. Your support has helped me grow in the ways I have longed to.

- Lucy H

It was a truly an honor to meet you. You are a blessing and a guardian angel as I go through this process of Certification.

- Mari

Thank you for an absolutely incredible day of learning. i have found myself speaking of the dissection frequently, with the prologue, "this is the most interesting thing i did this summer."  it has given a new visualization to my work.

- Elise K

Your advice has been invaluable.

- Susan M

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