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The Path to Where You Want to Be

The CranioSacral Path is about helping you move forward on your journey, in the direction that you desire. Where would you like your healing practice to be in a month, in three months, in six months or a year? Where would you like it to look like in three years?

"Why create the wheel?" is one of my mottos. I had to learn the hard way, without anyone else available to help me. There was no one to answer my questions or to be a sounding board; I had no mentor. I've created three highly successful bodywork practices from nothing; let me help you achieve the success you desire without having to stumble along as I did.

Many people are content just working, following the path where life happens to take them.

The people who are happiest with their practice and life are the ones who take an active part in deciding what they want to do and where they want to be in three months, a year, or six years.

Have you been thinking of taking the next level of CranioSacral Therapy training, but had some hesitations?

Need to brush up on some of your skills?

Want a better understanding of concepts or techniques?

Want more from your practice or a more thriving practice?

What can I help you with?

For therapists wanting to improve their bodywork, CranioSacral, SomatoEmotional Release or SomaCentric Dialoguing skills I offer:

I also offer those pursuing certification in CranioSacral therapy additional services, please see CST Certification.

For therapists wanting to improve their Bach Flower Essence skills I offer:

*These pages refer to "bodywork" but similar is available for those studying and practicing with the Bach Flower Essences.

For therapists wanting to improve their general bodywork skills or build their practice I offer coaching and mentoring. Please see related information, Improve Your Practice.

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